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Keto Diet South Africa – The Truth no Nonsense


Overweight has been one of the greatest health problems among South Africans touching mental health status of a person. It has not been surprising to find some men and women being depressed after failed efforts to lose weight. However, the concept of losing weight is quite technical and scientific. Many professional companies in weight loss have come up with several methods of doing so but probably it has not helped you. This is evident due to still alarming statistics on weight gain among South Africans. For instance, according to the Healthy Living Alliance, 70% of women and 39% of men are overweight in South Africa. Additionally, according to WHO statistics in 2016, 28.3% of adults in South Africa were obese, making the country top in Sub-saharan Africa in terms of obesity. In this article, we shall look into one simple weight loss dietary method that can solve all your extra weight matters and that is keto diet, South Africa.

What is the keto diet

It refers to a diet designed to nourish the body with high fat, low-carbohydrate diet and adequate protein thus forcing your body to burn down fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. The process is called ketosis. This trains your body to burn down excess fats that accumulate as adipose tissue. However, you should note that you need to take this method with seriousness and only get the concept of how-to, from an experienced and professional person. That is one of the reasons we wrote so that we mitigate any health risk for you.

Testimonial turned professional

There are several people who have benefited from the keto diet and among them is one Dewaldt Huysamen who perfected the art of keto diet, intermitted fasting and also added some factors that made him drop weight from 134kg to 85 kgs in less than 10 months without any hardcore exercising. After his success story, he turned into an expert and a professional in weight loss and thus he wrote an ebook with the perfect program in order to ensure you also benefit within the shortest time possible. Due to these countless efforts, he started an online site; where you can get the ebook and hand in hand guide, walking with you to ensure you succeed in this.

How the keto diet concept works

For your information, a macro is a short form of macronutrient. It is the body major building blocks that we require in every meal. They comprise of Fats, proteins and carbohydrates. When we eat food there are two major functions that they play to the body:

  1. Generate energy that is minimally required to make you perform any task involving muscle movement, a key function of carbohydrates.
  2. Growth and replacement of structures-everyday, tissues get worn out and dies off thus a need for new structures, a key function of proteins.

Nonetheless, the keto diet uses the concept of the energy generation source. As you are aware, fats have 9 calories of energy per gram while proteins and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram once broken down in the body. The only reason that the body prefers carbohydrates for energy is because of less energy required to break it down otherwise fats produce more but more energy is spent in production.

The concept of fat metabolism in the keto diet is simple, what scientists call fatty acids and glycerol is oxidized in other words, oxygen is a need and actually more oxygen than in carbohydrates source. The product is energy and ketone bodies as a by-product. The point of ketones is where expert guidance is required since excess of ketones can cross into your brain and harm you.

Moreover, in this weight loss approach, intermitted fasting is also prescribed; this will aid to deplete the little available carbs intake, thus encourage more ketosis. The process goes to a point where the body adapts means of invading the fats stored under the skin. These are excess ones scientifically referred to as adipose tissue. It is majorly pronounced in people with tummies where a thick skin hides the waist, a shape that many people dislike.

Some keto diet formulations available in South Africa

As a matter of fact, we can not all have the same macros and thus most are times you need to personalise your keto diet meal plan that specifically suits your macros. You can access a wide variety of meals that suits you and they include Keto Calamari and Buttanutt.

Keto Calamari is a meal plan suited for dinner, and it is made of the following ingredients; 450 g calamari fresh & raw, large egg, organic coconut flour, pink Himalayan salt, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, coconut oil organic, lemon juice unsweetened and carb smart mayonnaise. ButtaNutt is a nut extract blended and packaged in a can and is best for having as a FAT BOMB.

In many occasions, you need a plate that has 75% fats, 20% proteins and little carbohydrates covering about 5% of your plate. The above meal plans are formulated to meet these levels of macros.

There is specific fat that is beneficial to the body and we refer to them as saturated fats. The name comes from their chemical structure. They are known to contain good cholesterol. A rich source of saturated fats is coconut oil. For better keto diet plate you need monosaturated fats which are the mainstay in this game, they reduce belly fat, improve skin and regulated blood sugar. Their source is Avocadoes, Macadamia nuts, olive oil and almonds.

Why not go for keto advanced pills

Referred to as BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate salts) are formulated to help your body use fats instead of carbs for energy generation alongside personal low carb intake. They also reduce your appetite for food so that you are encouraged to fast so that more fats are metabolized into energy. However, there are reasons that you need natural keto diet instead of these artificial pills:

  1. The artificial pills are expensive to acquire.
  2. You will live on pills for a long time something that can predispose you to health risks due to chemical accumulations in your blood.
  3. Their temporary use will ultimately make your body regain original overweight.
  4. It does not feel enjoyable to be on drugs the way you can enjoy your beneficial meals.

The right place for acquiring a keto diet and full guidance

As we mentioned earlier, for better results from keto diet south Africa, you need someone to guide you and walk with you in every step. You also to need to buy keto products that are genuinely tailored for that purpose. For instance, there are many places in South Africa where foodstuffs are sold in the name of a keto diet, yet their ingredients do not allow them to be called a keto diet.

For that matter, I have legit and reliable guidance for you. Dewaldt Huysamen we had mentioned earlier is the perfect coach for you. Through his platform for assisting others;, you can access him remotely and order products and safely pay via the site. He understands that macros vary from a person and for the best realization of his coaching, he has to personalize his products and guide for every customer’s macros levels since the quantities I need may not be your quantity.

He has an ebook that has a full guide to the successful weight cutting steps. You can visit the site to access the content. The products suited for the keto diet are quite affordable including Battnutt and more products to be listed online.

Ordering those products will make you be entitled to a 15% – 30% discount for each. His payment options are quite simple, secure and convenient being facilitated by PayFast.You will also note that Ebooks have no shipping fee. The evidence of the effectiveness of his products is by photo testimonials that you shall find on the site.

Bottom line

As we have discussed, weight loss is a positive indicator of disease prevention. There are many lifestyle diseases that if you are obese you might get and they are not limited to hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. The fact being not everyone who loves those strenuous exercises and workouts, Keto diet can be a gateway to your healthy living. You need a way to utilize those fats under the tummy and thick skin to yield a great potential of a perfect dream shape.


The guide we have referred to is one time but results are a lifetime. Once you acquire the skill to make that recipe by yourself, you shall turn into an independent body shaper. It will not be a surprise to find you with a similar overweight solutions site helping other individuals.

Nevertheless, the amount of fees charged here is so little compared to a price that somebody paid in order to get this as a good testimony for you. All you need to do is to appreciate good work as you embark on emulating it to bear good fruits on your weight.

There is a full assurance that in 10 to 12 months depending on person to person, you will also have a testimony and probably initiate your own campaign.

Finally, if you love to exercise, it is still not restricted, actually, it is among the bottom supplements that might suit the type you are.

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