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Benefits Of Using Roasted Macadamia Nut Butter

Are you looking for a way to burn off fat, stay fit and healthy without worrying about a relapse into your eating habits? Then the Keto diet might be something you can consider. You no longer have to suffer drinking disgusting shakes and other types of food that are hard to swallow; the diet works by training your body to burn down excess fats that accumulate. There are a variety of keto diet meal plans available along with products to assist you in reaching your goal. Although it sounds easy, you will have to have all the accompanying products and get the concept of how to use them effectively, from an experienced and professional person there are risks if one is not careful.

One of these products is the macadamia nut butter which can be used as a spread on sandwiches and is critical in helping you on your healthy path. If you have not heard about the benefits of a macadamia nut butter, then do yourself a favour and read further. You will learn a thing or two from our list.

Lowers Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

Macadamia nut butter lowers the level of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the blood which is commonly known as bad cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart disease because macadamias contain phytosterols and dietary fibre. These nutrients from the plant, along with its healthy unsaturated fats, also help lower cholesterol levels, unlike regular butter that has saturated fats. Macadamia nuts are low in sodium which is crucial in raising blood pressure and is high in potassium which lowers blood pressure. Between all the different types of nuts, macadamias have the most concentrated sources of monounsaturated fatty acids that help to lower hypertension.  

High In Antioxidants And Improvement Of Skin Appearance And Elasticity

The omega-7 fatty acids present in macadamia nuts, called Palmitoleic acid that is found in avocado oil and sea buckthorn oil promotes healthy skin, nail, and hair health. This rare fatty acid improves the body’s synthesis of elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep the skin young and healthy. What’s more, it helps in reducing the appearance and onset of wrinkles. Palmitoleic acid protects against oxidative damage, one of the main culprits of skin aging by encouraging and evoking new skin cell development. Tocotrienols and flavonoids are antioxidants that can be found in nuts like macadamias and are a unique form of vitamin E that has potent anti-cancer properties and destroy harmful free radicals in the body. The antioxidants can also be found in red wine, seeds, and berries.

Reduce Hunger Pangs

Macadamia nuts are filled with protein, fibre and high amounts of quality fats, nutrients that play a role in keeping you feeling full. It’s because the quality fats are linked to reducing ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Rather than having a snack, a sandwich with macadamia nuts butter spread will help you feel full much better than snacking on something of similar size or larger. The protein and fibre contained in the nuts won’t hike up your blood sugar levels but instead, assist in avoiding a sugar crash. The crash, along with mood swings, is brought on by eating food loaded with carbohydrates. 

Brain health

We were all taught that seafood is the brain food and is high in Omega 3, but that is not the only healthy food for it. Macadamia nut butter has glutamate, which helps in the reduction of developing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Glutamate is also naturally made by the body and reduces the likelihood of developing other chronic illnesses. Eating glutamate-rich foods along with monounsaturated fat and oleic acids also play a role in protecting the brain oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs if there is an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body, resulting in the damage of your tissues and cells. A diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids decreases metabolic risk factors in those who have type 2 diabetes. The fatty acids also assist in improving glycaemic control in people who have type 2 diabetes and are more effective at reducing blood sugar than exercising and consuming the fats alone.

These are just some of the benefits of using roasted macadamia nut butter in your meals. Not only will it support you get healthier, but it is also the key ingredient in a new diet that is revolutionising South Africa and the world. It’s a key component in the Keto diet which is designed to nourish the body with high fat, low carbohydrate diet and protein. Its purpose is to allow your body to burn down the fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. The entire process is called ketosis, and it trains the body to burn down the excess fats accumulating as adipose tissue.

The keto diet is also safe for fasting. It’s literally for all kinds of lifestyles.

KickFatFast has a variety of macadamia nut butter that is made locally and can be bought at prices that won’t have you break the bank. If you are new to this particular diet then browse through our website to learn a whole lot more about how you can beat fat, stay fit and healthy and reverse disease.

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